Last updated: 01/13/2016

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Expense Vouchers

For Volunteers:   Expense Voucher - Volunteer (Excel file)
    Expense Voucher - Volunteer (MS Word file)
    Expense Voucher - Volunteer (PDF file)
For Staff Only:   Expense Voucher Staff 2016 (Excel file)
Expense reports (using these vouchers) are used to reimburse staff and volunteers for authorized expenses. Expense reports are to be provided by staff on a monthly basis, whereas others will provide reports as expenses are incurred, but no more frequently than monthly.
Receipts should be submitted for all expenses, but must be provided for any expense of $75.00 or more. Review of the reports includes adherence to policy.
Travel expenses include mileage, tolls, parking, fares (train, plane or taxi), meals, and hotel costs. Mileage is reimbursed at the IRS rates. The cost to travel to a seminar/workshop is included while the cost of registration is not a travel expense. Registration fees for workshops, seminars, continuing education, General Assembly etc are charged to professional expenses for staff.

Mileage Reimbursement Rates Per IRS: Click here.


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